An interest in novels came late for me in my rural East Texas hometown. With no public library and few books, save one full set of encyclopedias, I  learned poetry from church hymnals and storytelling from eccentric relatives. Captivated by country music's story-songs coming across my grandfather's AM radio after the morning farm report, I began writing out the lyrics and creating my own as early as second grade. At age 12, I went to work bussing tables at the local truck stop on weekends and the all-you-can-eat catfish joint at night. With the restaurants located by the interstate, I  met colorful folks from all walks of life traveling to places I had only read about in encyclopedias.

Having developed a love for reading fiction in high school, I combined that with my passion for storytelling and focused my college studies on literature and creative writing. 

 My novels THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY  and PARADISE are set in Texas where I live and dream and write.

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